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For those who are considering hair replacement - Click Here

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For those who are considering hair replacement

Q.....Do I have to already have lost all of my hair for you to be able to help me?

A.....No! We have several clients who only have a receding or thinning problem.

Q.....I'm 63 years old. Is it too late to be considering hair replacement?

A.....It's never too late to feel better about yourself and improve your appearance. I have many clients older than you!

Q.....I've lost nearly all of my hair but don't want to replace it all at once. Can it be done gradually?

A.....Yes, the amount of hair you prefer can be added gradually. Some have chosen to spread out adding hair over a year or more.

Q.....I live in Muncie and there's no good solution for me here. Do you work with those outside the Indy area?

A.....Definitely. I have people who come to see me from all of the states bordering Indiana. If you can get here, we can help you.

Q.....Do I have to buy a lot of expensive or unusual products to keep my hair styled and healthy?

A.....Nope! You'll buy shampoo (and maybe conditioner) just like anyone else. The products you'll need to buy are not expensive.

Q.....Is it high maintenance to care for my new hair on a daily basis?

A.....Not at all. You'll be surprised how easy your part of taking care of your hair will be.

Q.....How often do I need to see you?

A.....It varies a little but is generally every 3-5 weeks. You may want your hair cut & styled more or less often than others. Appointments usually last about an hour.

Q.....I'm not a wimp or anything this going to hurt?

A.....Ha! No, you'll get through it just fine! There's nothing "painful" in what we do.

Q.....Do I have to change my lifestyle with new hair? How active can I be?

A.....Just as active as you've always been! Swim, play can do anything you normally do.

Q.....Who decides what my new hair "style" will look like?

A.....It's a team effort! Everyone is different (profession, lifestyle, preference, age) and you and I will figure out what works best for you!



For those who already have new hair

Q.....I am kinda OK with my current solution but wonder if it could be better. What do you think?

A.....That's easy! Call me and schedule an appointment to talk about your situation. You'll know in 45 minutes if we are a better option for you.

Q.....I already have a hairpiece that I buy from an online supplier. Can you cut it in for me?

A.....Yes, I have several clients who do exactly the same thing. Find a hair replacement solution that you like and I will cut it in for you.

Q.....It's always a race at my current place to get me in and out so they can serve the next customer. Is it like that at your place?

A.....Never. I have no corporate daily quota to fill and schedule appointments accordingly. You will never be a number to me.

Q.....I feel like I'm paying way too much for my level of satisfaction with my current solution. How do costs compare with you?

A.....We have no monthly fee or contracts to sign. Our cost is a refreshing change and your satisfaction will go up, too. A win win!

Q.....I've been with my current hair replacement center for 4 years and have had 3 different stylists, 2 advisors, and 3 center managers. Help?

A.....I'm your stylist, advisor and manager! Turnover at large, profit-centered salons is a fact of business. It will never happen here!

Q.....It can take 7 days or more to get an appointment at my current center and they urge scheduling weeks in advance. Same with you?

A.....Definitely not. You can schedule ahead with me if you want but many of my customers just call when they're ready to come in tomorrow or the next day.

Q.....At my current place, an "emergency" to me is not one to them. If I need help after hours, is there a way to get help with you?

A.....Every one of my customers has my personal cell phone number. If you have an emergency, I have an emergency. It's that simple.


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