IN Style News!


We're excited to introduce VITALHAIR, a brand new synthetic hair that has the same look & feel of human hair with the durability & color retention of synthetics! Be sure to ask about it the next time we see you!


We just installed a new shampoo chair and moved a couple of walls. I have some more changes coming soon!

Our Business is Men AND Women!

We had more inquiries from women lately than we've had from men. If you've been considering your options, call to schedule a time to come in and talk to me!

Thursday & Sunday

These are the days the salon is "scheduled" to be closed but, if you need me, call! I can always get you in if it is an emergency.

New Tape Roll Choices!

We just got in two new tape options. Ask about it the next time you come in!

Fox News

Since 1982!

Our longest tenured hair replacement customer was in today. He started with us in 1982! A lot has changed in the industry since then but our commitment to serving everyone in our own way has not.

Hair Seminar

I've been in Chicago the past 3 days at a training seminar for hair replacement professionals. A lot of new products and options to review!



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