Who We Are
Indy Hair Loss began in the early 80's as a part of John's Hairstyling, a family barber shop on the South side of Indianapolis that has been in business for 50 years. I joined with my dad many years ago to expand the hair loss side of the business and it is now all I do full time. We're a full-service hair care & hair replacement facility in a smaller, less hectic environment.

Why We're Different
My desire to stay out of the large, profit-centered, corporate side of the hair replacement field has allowed me to personally know and understand every customer and their specific needs. We have no large, corporate profit margins to meet or quotas to satisfy. We're large-enough to offer the same products and options you'll find at the huge corporate hair replacement places but small-enough to do it our own way. I travel throughout the year to see the latest product offerings and attend classes regarding the newest techniques in the hair replacement industry. I've been in this field for many years now, but never want to quit learning and changing as the industry does. There is no other hair replacement salon in Indianapolis that can offer my unique background and approach to your hair care needs.

What it Means to You
When you are my customer, you have access to me day and night. Whether you have just started to lose your hair, have lost nearly all of it, or are a chemotherapy patient (or other medical condition), we offer the best, most modern hair replacement options available. We do it in a way that is more personal, more one-on-one, than you can possibly get at the large franchise hair replacement centers. If you're just beginning to research your hair replacement options, or if you've been a client somewhere else for years; it may be time for a change. You owe it to yourself to take a look at what we offer and see how it may be the right solution for you. Give me a call and let's get started!

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